Monday, December 12, 2011

D&C Section One Hundred Nine and One Hundred Ten

Section 109
I do not know how they were able to build the Kirtland Temple in the condition the church was in at this time, especially when you consider the drain on the church and its members of what was happening in Missouri.  It shows the tremendous dedication they had. I believe that same sense of dedication and sacrifice is in the members today.  In the prayer, the following blessings are asked for and these blessing relate to us in our time and to all temples.  That's what shows the inspiration behind this dedicatory prayer.  It's timeless.  If you have been to the temple lately, or next time you go, think about these and see if one or more of them hasn't been fulfilled in some way in our life.  If you think about it, you'll see that they have.

1.  That all who enter the temple will feel the Lord's power and know it is a place of holiness.
2.  That it will be a house of learning.
3.  That the people will receive a fulness of the Holy Ghost.
4.  That it will be a house of prayer, organized and prepared in every way.
5.  That the Lord's servants will be able to go forth from the temple armed with the power of God to bear the truth to the whole world.
6.  That no weapon formed against the church or its people will be successful.
7.  That wickedness will have power or prevail over the church's people.
8.  That the Lord's servants will have the testimony of the covenant and be able to prepare the hearts of the saints for the judgments of God that will come upon the earth's wicked.
9.  That the people of the world will receive the Lord's servants and their testimony.
10. That the Lord will have mercy on the House of Israel and gather them to the lands of their inheritance.
11. That the Lord's people will be pure and worthy of the highest blessings after this life.

Section 110
The members were rewarded for the tremendous sacrifice they made in building the temple during the dedication ceremonies.  They had to hold several sessions of the dedication because only so many members could fit in the building.  Most everyone some type of miracle.  Even non-members in the area saw and reported things such as hearing heavenly choirs, an unusually bright light coming from the temple, or angels seen around or above it.  The greatest miracle was the appearance of the Savior as well as Moses, Elias (Noah) and Elijah.  The Savior accepted the temple and promised that he would continue to manifest himself in the temple if the people remained righteous and did not allow anything to pollute the purity of it.  The appearance of the three prophets fulfilled one of the main purposes of the temple being built.  Moses bestowed the keys of authority for the spiritual gathering of Israel.  Elias restored the keys of authority for the patriarchal priesthood making eternal marriage possible.  And Elijah returned the power to seal or ratify all ordinances.  This made possible the bestowing of all spiritual blessings in the church.  Without the keys, no one would have been able to act with authority.

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