Friday, October 28, 2011

D&C Section One Hundred Six

Warren A. Cowdery, Oliver Cowdery's brother, is appointed to a full time position as a presiding high priest where he acts as an assistant  Joseph Smith.  This revelation instructs the church to compensate him because he will not be able to work provide for his family (he and his wife will eventually have 11 children).  He would later serve as one of the scribes for the dedication of the Kirtland Temple, and be an editor of the Messenger and Advocate, a church publication and newspaper.  In 1837, he wrote a letter in the newspaper condemning the 12 apostles for not doing there duty.  Later, he would write an apology.  In 1838, he left the church and when all of the saints left Kirtland for Missouri, he stayed back.  At one point he started his own church, called the Church of Christ, and took possession of the temple.  Neither of these things lasted.  He stayed in Kirtland the rest of his life having nothing to do with the church.

The revelation states there was joy in heaven when Cowdery accepted this calling, but did not prove himself worthy of this hire, as the revelation stated he needed to be. He was praised in this revelation for being able to separate himself from the crafts of men, but this did not last.  Verse 8 promises that he would have received grace and assurance and a crown had been prepared for him, if he remained faithful.  The crown is symbolic of receiving the highest glory in the Celestial Kingdom.  You have to wonder how much influence Oliver's apostasy had on Warren.  It was Oliver who influenced Warren into joining the church.

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